Scalp Treatment

Specialist Diagnosis and Effective Scalp Treatment

If you feel you have a problem with your scalp, it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis so you receive the correct treatment. Differing scalp irritations have differing treatment requirements. After diagnosis we can discuss homeopathic, pharmaceutical and prescription treatment options with you.

The team at Trichology Scotland are here to help, our qualified clinicians work with clients through a range of conditions. We will accurately diagnose and assist in treating your condition.

During the Consultation

Our team are professional, qualified, understanding and credible. During the diagnostic consultation we discuss potential triggers for the aetiology of your skin irritation. Using high powered digital scopes we look at the scalp follicles and epidermal cells in microscopic detail looking for erythema, irritation, inflammation and hyperplasia.

Scalp Conditions We Can Diagnose And Treat:

Pityriasis Capitis

Scalp Dermatitis

Tinea Capitis

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Scalp Pustules


Atopic Eczema


Cicatricial Alopecia

Get in Touch for a Consultation

We will discuss potential treatment plans for varying conditions during your consultation, and steps you can take to help improve these.