Blood Analysis

Specialist Blood Analysts

The results of your blood tests are crucial to deeper understanding of the health and quality of your hair and scalp! Our health care professionals at Trichology UK are qualified in understanding and interpreting blood results.

We can read your blood test results in relation to hair generation, before offering advice on how to improve the health and density of your hair.

Our team are knowledgeable, qualified, credible. We take time and care to talk you through the numbers of your haematology results and the significance of these results for your hair density, and potential growth capacity.

Our Analysis Service

You have two options to choose from:

1 - You can order specific blood tests from the options below. When these are processed the results will be reviewed and analysed by a Medical Doctor and Trichologist. You can then book a clinic visit or video consultation and we will discuss the significance of these results in detail with you, and the next steps to take.

2 - You can provide us with your latest NHS blood test results if with in a 3 month time window from your clinic consultation or video consultation date and we can discuss these results with you and their significance in relation to healthy hair.

We analyse blood readings in relation to the health of your hair and scalp, and we will explain the critical difference between 'Normalisation' and 'Optimisation' of your results, before giving guidance on how to improve the blood numbers if required to help improve the thickness and density of your hair.

Your hair follicle is fed directly by your cardiovascular system. With this in mind we will explain how your individual biology affects the growth of your hair and the quality of your blood, and how this can be potentially linked to some forms of hair loss.

We Offer A Range Of Blood Tests

Vit B12 & Ferritin

Hair Loss Plus

Iron Status

Hair Loss

Vitamin D

Female Hormone Test

Stress Cortisol Test

Male Hormone Test

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We will discuss potential treatment plans for varying conditions during your consultation, and steps you can take to help improve these.