The Trichology UK Story

Our Mission


Trichology UK’s mission is simple! To connect clients to hair loss and scalp health professionals easily, either in clinic or by live video consultation wherever they are, whenever they choose.

Where It All Started

Trichology UK was created when Founder William Fleeson became aware of the difficulty of accessing professional, fully qualified and accredited trichologists throughout the UK.

After years practicing trichology William was listening to comments from his clients that where they lived, finding a suitable appointment time or even trying to locate where there was a local trichologist was prohibiting them from getting easy access to a hair loss or scalp health practitioner.

This left people with the only option of visiting their GP. It became evident that people were struggling to get professional answers to their hair loss and scalp irritation questions, and that they felt their concerns weren't always being treated seriously with care and understanding.

William’s vision is to create an easy user-friendly platform, a ‘one-stop site’ dedicated to hair loss and scalp conditions. Bringing together health care professionals relevant to all aspects of hair and scalp health in one place, accessible at all times from anywhere you are.


Get in Touch for a Consultation

We will discuss potential treatment plans for varying conditions during your consultation, and steps you can take to help improve these.

Focused on Helping Our Clients

Trichology UK has been launched to offer you easy access either in clinic or by video accurate information, understanding and emotional support.

William clearly understands the trauma, upset, and anxiety that can be felt suffering from hair loss or scalp health. Strong ethics, qualified knowledge and credibility are the backbone of Trichology UK and only like minded practitioners will be available on his platform.

A holistic approach will be taken to any hypothesis and advice offered, as we discover through skills of consultation and knowledge the root cause of your hair and scalp concerns.

Value for money is crucial to us, and Trichology UK’s clinic and video consultation price plans reflect this. William and all connected to Trichology UK will commit to spending many hours researching, educating and collaborating to assist in delivering a site for your use that will continually evolve, grow and develop.