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  • 100 High Street, Irvine, KA12 0AX

Pamela Carter CiT, ART

Consultant Trichologist for Irvine

Our fully qualified, highly knowledgeable, friendly, and caring specialists ready to meet you and get you started on the road to restoring the confidence you have in your hair and scalp:

Pamela is a recognised, fully qualified member of the Association of Registered Trichologists. She has also studied with some of the U.K’s specialist educators, and is certified in Nutrition, Haematology, Microscopy, Dermatological Scalp Conditions and Micro Cell Biology at the University of Bedfordshire.

We have access to a network of Specialist Medical Professionals from Specialist GP, Specialist Dermatologist, Trichological Biochemist and also Haematology lab, for second opinions and treatments.

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